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Introduction to Governance

The path to a healthy board and operations relationship starts with a clear understanding of the roles of each side and how, through policy, both sides will reach their full potential. We can start with a simple session to re-introduce these concepts and start everyone out with the same mental picture of your roles. From there you may discover what further discussions need to take place but it will be from a new perspective.​

  • 90-minute Education Session

  • Group Q&A

  • Customized Per Client

Governance System

When people join a board, it's most often because the mission of the organization is near and dear to their hearts. Board members need to be properly prepared to govern, to understand they have a collective accountability, and a duty to their fiduciary responsibilities (e.g., fulfilling on the organization's purpose). Board decisions need to be backed by coherent, explicit, written policies.


Through appreciative inquiry, we will  help build the common consensus and document the needs of the organization and help develop structures to address them. We can help you create a system of clear, meaningful policies that not only express the values in your hearts, but also a structure to ensure sound decision making.

  • Needs assessments

  • Recommendations (improvements)

  • Strategic planning (for Board's chief staff people)

Additional Services

  • Board Policy Review

  • Articles of Incorporation Review

  • By-laws Review & Consulting

  • Developing a Board Calendar

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