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About Sound Governance

Sherry Jennings, PhD


Sherry S. Jennings, PhD, is founder and principal of Sound Governance. Sherry started Sound Governance because board leaders need a safe space. As the CEO or executive director, you need someone other than your board or staff to hear your ideas or concerns. As the chief governing officer, President, or Chair for your organization, it can often feel overwhelming to embrace and integrate the many voices on your board. You need someone to listen, to reflect what is heard, and to understand. As one client said, "She takes the time to make sure she best understands you and your organization, its needs, and goals. She does not presume one size fits all." 

While Sound Governance is grounded in the solid principles of Policy Governance©, Sherry brings education and practice in psychology and organizational psychology to help your organization move forward quickly. Another client put it this way, "Sherry ensures that voices are heard, but [board leaders] are made aware of organizational best practices and their corresponding impact." Policy Governance provides the cornerstone. After working with Policy Governance for 13 years, Sherry trained directly with John and Miriam Carver. As another client enthused, "You're my governance guru!" Sherry's comprehensive knowledge of Policy Governance is enhanced by her real world practices with clients.

Even if Sherry's strengths were enough to encourage you to contact Sound Governance, there's more. Over the years, Sherry developed a network of friends who are also Policy Governance experts. Sherry meets with them weekly to discuss governance practices and developments in the governance world. With Sound Governance, you will never be without the expertise you seek to move your organization beyond good to great!

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